Let's Talk Pallets: Building A Solution Together

Hear from Mark Sura, President of Paramount Pallet.

Let's Talk Pallets

With more than 25 years of experience in the pallet industry, President Mark Sura shares how Paramount Pallet’s nationwide network, high quality service, and tenured team can improve your pallet program.


Hi, my name is Mark Sura, and I'm the President of Paramount Pallet. I lead the six facilities we have across Canada.

What services does Paramount Pallet provide?

The main value at Paramount is that we're a single source or one-stop-shop relationship. We offer a wide range of services to cover our customers’ needs. We sell recycled pallets, custom remanufactured pallets – which are pallets made from used components into custom sizes – and new pallets. 

On the recycling side, we provide pallet recycling services, so that is the picking up of all pallet types, sizes, and conditions to be sorted, graded, and resold into the supply chain.  Another interesting service we provide is onsite services, so that is where we have staff at your site to handle and sort pallets that suit your needs and provide a program that works for you.

How extensive is Paramount Pallet's network?

One of the things that make us unique is we're a true national pallet services provider, and what I mean by that is we have six brick-and-mortar plants to serve you across Canada. We can provide local service – let's say a customer in Calgary or Montreal – or we can provide national services across the country to suit your needs if you're a multisite location.

We're also part of the largest pallet company in North America, so that allows us the ability to create great programs to service larger North American customers. We've experienced growth beyond expectations over the last few years, which is fantastic. In February, we acquired IPS, which was Paramount's largest competitor in Quebec. We share the same values when it comes to taking care of our employees and taking care of our customers.

Why should a customer work with Paramount Pallet?

It really comes down to our team. Starting off with our leadership team, we have a team of seven people that lead the business with, believe it or not, over 140 years of experience. 

Beyond the leadership team and the professional sales team, we have tenured staff everywhere. We have many staff members in plant operations and administration that have been with our business for over 30 years. So, you're getting a company that has a lot of key members all working together for the purpose of servicing our customers really well. 

We get excited about developing partnerships. And what I mean by partnerships is customers that really want to partner with us to develop a solution for them that's going to fit them perfectly. Customer satisfaction is a huge focus at Paramount and we love to roll up our sleeves and truly partner with our customers to create that great solution that works for them. We have a great customer base of true partners today and are very excited about developing more in the coming months and coming years.